21st Century Skills


Session: Workshop
Duration: 90 minutes
Audience: Teachers (all levels of experience); academic management
In the twenty-first century global marketplace soft skills are an essential asset for jobseekers, yet according to employers far too many students complete their secondary education under-equipped for employment in the ‘real’ world. This practical workshop will show how we can better-prepare students (of any age) to meet these challenges through tried and tested skills tasks from the world of business.
Companies globally have long used soft skills tasks to enhance their workforce. ‘Teambuilding Days’ have become popular the world over in order to develop skills such as problem solving, leadership, critical thinking, negotiation and teamwork. By adapting these tasks for the classroom, we can develop both students’ oral fluency and the applied thinking strategies and interpersonal intelligence demanded by contemporary employers.
During the workshop you will have the opportunity to take part in three interactive skills tasks.
With reference to these tasks, we will discuss:
– What we mean by ‘English for Employability’ and its relevance to our classrooms
– The appeal of skills tasks to students with different learning preferences
– How to encourage reflection and evaluation of performance
– The practical application of skills tasks in your teaching context


As a reflective practitioner, I am very open to constructive feedback. If you if have attended this workshop, I’d love to hear from you. What did you take away? How could I do better? Would you recommend me?
Let me know…