Can bigger be better?


Session: Plenary/Workshop
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Audience: Teachers of large classes (all levels of experience and age groups)
With global population increases, education systems the world over are feeling the pressure of growing class sizes. The challenge of dealing with large numbers of students with limited time and resources often leads to widespread adoption of teacher-centred pedagogies, such as the traditional lecture. However, as contemporary educationalists emphasise the importance of student collaboration and co-construction of knowledge, teachers must equip themselves with the necessary tools to promote effective learning environments, irrespective of class size.
This solutions-based session models various techniques and student-centred activities that address these issues, proving that ‘large’ need not equal ‘lecture’.
During the session, participants will take part in a number of interactive large-class activities.
With reference to these activities, we will discuss:
– Causes of increasing class size
– Implications for teaching and learning
– How to creatively ‘re-think’ use of space, time and resources
– Application to your teaching context to improve learning outcomes


As a reflective practitioner, I am very open to constructive feedback. I’d love to hear from you if have attended this workshop. What did you take away? How could I do better? Would you recommend me?
Let me know…