The Art of Oral Storytelling


Session: Workshop
Duration: 90 minutes
Audience: Teachers (all levels of experience)
Oral storytelling may be an art form in decline, but is one which brings great joy to learners the world over, both adults and children alike. Stories have been used throughout history to pass on ancient wisdom, encourage ethical debate or simply to entertain. They are a powerful tool to engage learners and to introduce and practise new language.
This hands-on workshop covers the basics of interactive oral storytelling. You will develop the skills to creatively lift stories off the page for your students and tap into the depths of their imagination.
During the workshop, you will listen to and interact in the telling of two stories, and have the opportunity to practise telling a story of your own.
We will also explore:
– How to select the best stories for recitation
– A range of memorisation techniques
– Adding drama through effective use of voice and gesture
– Exploitation of stories for language development


As a reflective practitioner, I am very open to constructive feedback. I’d love to hear from you if have attended this workshop. What did you take away? How could I do better? Would you recommend me?
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