Training Outside the Box

Session: Plenary/Workshop
Duration: 30-70 minutes
Audience: Teacher trainers; academic management
The traditional INSETT (In-Service Teacher Training) session is a typical feature of training calendars. However, for both participants and trainers, the predictable format and content of these sessions can sometimes lead to training apathy. To address the issue, teacher trainers need to look for alternative approaches to INSETT delivery.
This session will explore three alternative formats to transform training sessions into collaborative, personalised learning experiences based on teacher-generated issues. Convert your training room into an art gallery, fairground or doctor’s clinic and discover how a new paradigm can surprise, inspire and promote learner-autonomy among participants.
During the session we will discuss three successful case-studies from British Council teaching centres across Egypt.
The session will also cover:
– Overview of traditional INSETT frameworks
– Common causes of ‘training apathy’
– Pros and cons of ‘trainer-centered’ teacher training
– Reflection on the application of training solutions to your context


As a reflective practitioner, I am very open to constructive feedback. I’d love to hear from you if have attended this presentation. What did you take away? How could I do better? Would you recommend me?
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